Friday, February 16, 2007

Quickie Comment: Flower Confidential

I haven't yet read Flower Confidential, by Amy Stewart, but I'm intrigued by Adrian Higgins' review. The review was published in the Washington Post this past Sunday, February 11. You can read it here.

According to Higgins, Stewart's book provides the inside scoop on the floral industry. Chances are, the roses you gave your wife, or received from your husband, this week were grown in South America, dipped in God knows what chemicals to more or less preserve them, shipped to Miami, then shipped to your local florist.

WOW! I actually thought perhaps my store-bought flowers were grown in a local greenhouse. Not likely. There's something disappointing about the fact that economic globalism isn't limited to sneakers and stereos. It even affects the floral centerpiece on my dining room table. Something to think about.

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